How far can you throw a burrito?

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2nd Place
Shara Marquis
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1st Place
Daniel Pifko
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3rd Place
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Looking for an entry?

Rules of Entry


  • Do not cheat with cuts and edits. If it feels like cheating, it's probably cheating.
  • Must show a sign reading #ThrowThrowBurrito or yell out “Throw Throw Burrito” at some point during the video.
  • Must provide a mechanism within the video to measure the distance.
  • Must prove that the burrito is real by taking a bite after a successful catch.
  • Horizontal and vertical distances both qualify for this event.
  • No profanity or nudity.
  • Video must be posted between 2/27/2019 and 11:59PM PST 3/26/2019.

Once your submission is complete:

  • Upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (only one please).
  • Use the hashtag #ThrowThrowBurrito in your caption.
  • Make sure your post is PUBLIC or we won’t be able to find and post it.

What happens after that:

  • We will find your post and verify it meets the requirements above.
  • We will post it to our site.
  • We’ll create an Athlete profile for you on our site.
  • We’ll message you with a link to your new Athlete profile page and a link to download some flair.
(Note: please follow us on the social network you have entered on so we can easily contact you with rewards and other fun things.)

Facebook: /explodingkittens
Instagram: /gameofkittens
Twitter: /gameofkittens
The Burrito Bowl
The Burrito Bowl
The Burrito Bowl